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Purpose of the Professional Dancers Federation:


The specific purpose of the PDF is to; (a) foster the spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship, and to protect the interests of professionals, such as competitors, adjudicators, scrutineers, organizers and promoters involved in competitive dancing; and (b) to further the goodwill and cooperation between the members of the Professional Dancers Federation and the National Dance Council of America and all who utilize the professional services of the Professional Dancers Federation.



Why Should I Join?


The PDF is the only organization in the USA with a seat on the NDCA whose exclusive purpose is to represent the Dancesport Professional! The PDF will stand and fight for the Professionals! Have a national organization behind you!!


Did you know...


Many people don't realize that the PDF is responsible for many improvements at competitions that todays competitive dancesport professionals enjoy.

American Style Competitors

Now the top two American Style Competitive Couples receive travel scholarships to the World Championships... just like the International Competitiors always have, thanks to the PDF.

Handeling Complaints

It is bound to happen.  Not every situation is perfect and sometimes you need someone to step up for you.  The PDF will take your complaint to the NDCA, professionally and anonymously.  

No more dancing at 3 a.m. 

Due to many recent complaints regarding the professional events running well into the night, the PDF put forth a "point of discussion" at the NDCA.  The PDF attended the meeting and lobbied hard, providing examples of pros and pro-am events that were still being danced at 1:30 am.  In tandem with a parallel motion on the agenda the resulting rule was put in place that no first rounds may start after midnght.  

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