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PDF Professional Fund

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November 20 2020


Dear PDF Members,

At a recent meeting of the Professional Dancers Federation Executive Committee a large part of the discussion was regarding the Pandemic situation, the shut down of our industry and the financial impact it has and continues to have on our Professionals. In searching for solutions for now and in the future, we have come up with the following plan.

Since so many of us have been out of work for the large majority of the year, The Executive Committee has decided to roll over the 2020 PDF Membership dues into 2021.

The next step is to implement a special fund in order to build a financial cushion for our members in the event of any future catastrophic event . Planning is essential if our Professionals should  have to endure another pandemic, depression, recession or major illness that stops your ability to earn a living.

Since we are forgoing membership dues for 2021, we are asking our membership to instead, make a donation to our new PDF Professional Fund. It can be as little as $1, the $40 dues you were planning to pay, or any other amount, large or small that you wish to contribute.


The fund will be invested by a trusted professional financial advisor so it can grow, and contributions can be made annually.  Because the PDF is a Non Profit Organization, the additional benefit is that your contribution to the fund is tax deductible.  Building a financial cushion and being able to deduct it on your taxes is really a win win situation for us all.  This applies for all our current members as well as any new members that wish to come on board.


Putting this fund together is just the first of many projects on our agenda. Change is constant, and new rules and regulations happen annually. The PDF is looking ahead to be THE member organization you can trust for your continuing education as a Professional in our industry and provide financial assistance going forward.

We thank you for your continued support of The PDF.

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