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Money-Saving Tips for Cash-Strapped Dancers

I wanted to share with you a few tricks Simeon and I learned throughout our competitive career to save money. As competitors, we seemed to always be cash-strapped. As we made more money, we spent more money. Better dresses, more lessons, more trips, you name it!

Early on in our careers, as poor young amateurs struggling to make enough money to compete in TWO styles, we set our mindsets to look for places to save money. As professionals, we started to make more money and live more comfortably, but that mindset of looking for interesting ways to save money never left us. The money that we saved was soon put into our savings accounts. So what did we do to save money? Here’s a few quick tips:

1. Make your own coffee. Saved: $45-$80 per month, or over $1000 PER YEAR!

2. Dye your own hair. If you do dye your hair, this can save you $100-$300 per month, even more.

3. Do your own nails. This one is for the ladies. Saved: $70-$90 per month

4. Do your own competition hair and makeup. Again for the ladies. Saved: $100-$500 per competition .

5. Buy luxury items on second-hand sites. No kidding, this makes a huge difference. Saved: the sky is the limit!

Want some more ideas about where you can find places to save? I wrote an article about this on my blog back in 2018. Check it out here!

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